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D'Amor & Co

My name is Tara Stubbs.  I am the CEO and creator of D'Amor & Co which is located in Indianapolis. I am a licensed esthetician and enjoy making natural products and jewelry. D'Amor and Co was formally known as D'Amor Gems. Although I love making bracelets, in 2018, I became interested in natural products.

I have eczema and dry skin and lotion was not moisturizing my skin like it needed. I decided to put my esthetician license to use and I started playing around with body butter. I tried different recipes and they didn't have the texture I liked, so I came up with my own recipe. It took a year to get the feel and texture I was looking for, but I worked hard until my recipe was top notch. Once I started making natural products and candles, I felt knew D'Amor Gems didn't cover everything I made so we changed our name to Natural Essentials. By this time, I thought I had given jewelry making up, but in 2020, we went back to the name D'Amor.

The name D'Amor comes from the first initial of my son's name, the love I have for him, and the love I put into my products. I knew that when choosing a name for my brand, I could not let D'Amor go. The name is personal to me. This brand is personal to me. I want my customers to come to my website and not only shop for their personal needs, but to also feel loved. Welcome to D'Amor and Co. 

Tara, CEO

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